Grimm Drinking Game

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Drink When...

  • Any Apple product is shown on screen, or when the iPhone sound "clicks"
  • Monroe transforms himself into a Blutbad
  • Sergeant Wu eats a snack
  • Captain Renard is shirtless
  • Monroe speaks in German
  • Hank makes a crack about marriage
  • Renard answers a mystery phone call
    • Drink again if it's in a language other than English
  • One of Monroe's clocks is shown onscreen
  • Monrow talks about a breed of Wessen he had a run-in with in his past
  • A weapon is used from the trailer's collection
  • Every time Nick has to explain he isn't going to hurt a Wesen
  • The key is shown
  • Hank asks Nick if someone is a Wesen, or if someone just changed
  • Hank or Nick draws a firearm